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VHO Electrical traveling in July
Times:2017-07-11   Source:Zhongshan Qiliang Electrical Co., Ltd

To enrich employees amateur cultural life and united atmosphere, edify sentiment and alleviate the pressure of the employee's work,  We hold taishan langqing bay + tiger gorge drifting a day trip to enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature and relax feeling in July.


On July 1st , all the colleagues started to come to the langqing Bay of Taishan, Jiangmen city by car at 7am. In the morning,we go the beach first, and afternoon we went to the tiger gorge drifting,we all have a happy hours at the beach and drifting.


Wonderful beaches, exciting rafting, picturesque scenery, and the friendship between colleagues have left deep memories for us. This activity deepened the friendship and atmosphere of unity, enhance the company's cohesion and centripetal force.

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