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New Sery V8, Arbitrary Combination
Times:2017-06-30   Source:Zhongshan Qiliang Electrical Co., Ltd

After six months of product development and design, the research and development team has built a new 86 product platform and won many technical innovations.

V8 series reveals its unique advantages from the inside to out, from the overall to local. let us go into the technical team to understand its design.

1, Arbitrary combination, large panel, flat design without borders, dramatic feeling, classic fashion, and luxury.

2, the product can be assemble aribitrary to realize from two to five 86.

3, It is the first technical for 86 products of any combination, which leads the trend of The Times.

4. There are a variety of panel colors to choose to meet the needs of different users.

5,When install, do not need to loosen the screw, then save the installation time.



1.Super-large silver joint financial contact, 16A switching high power load

2. The connection structure of large aperture and circuit breaker is more convenient

3. Imported high-grade PC bulletproof material, flame retardant and non-discolored

4.No riveting integration of copper parts, low resistance high conductance

5.more safety with child lock protection door scoket, anti-monopolar insertion

6. Forced segmentation techniques to reduce fire hazards






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