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5S system started in the factory
Times:2018-01-17   Source:Zhongshan Qiliang Electrical Co., Ltd

In order to standardize the company’s daily management and improve the work efficiency and comfort of environment, Qiliang carry out the 5S system according to the factory management from 1st Jan 2018.

5S is a kind of seiri,seiton,seiso,seiketsu,shitsuke as the main content, in order to minimize management resources and reduce the management cost and achieve the best efficiency and effectiveness as the main goal of management mode.

The application of 5S management for daily management will help to form a standardized, institutionalized, scientific and long-term management mechanism, and promote the promotion of various work.

The 5S is a platform for action, which requires the joint implementation and implementation of all staff of the department.

The 5S is an ongoing and improving management work, which must be led by responsible departments and responsible persons.

The ultimate goal of 5S is to establish habits and consciousness, to improve the quality of employees.


The inspection team will inspect all the workshop and apartment one by one and record all the incompetent points.

The inspection team will keep reinspecting after rectify and will grade a mark according to the records.

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